Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Disadvantages of Modern Sleep mode (S0)

Here is a detailed information for disadvantages of "Modern" S0 standby sleep and what options we have to replace legacy Sleep mode.

S0 sleep and overheating

Lets check requirements for DELL for using the only supported Sleep on its new computers. 


Information about power consumption during different Standby Sleep modes here.

S0 sleep and battery

During S0 sleep your computer still uses power. And it uses significantly more power than in S3 sleep. Your CPU is active. Your disks are active. Your network hardware could be active all the time.

So what happens when you use your PC, your battery enters in critically low level, your computer enters into sleep and you connect it to adapter after few days? 

Sleep is not visible from Shut down menu?

The problem

You have installed graphics video card drivers. They work fine and updated. But "Sleep" is still missing from "Shutdown" menu?

Well known causes and solutions

You still have the issue?

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Solution when WhatsApp does not restore chat backup

WhatsApp does not restore my backup - Troubleshooting

Step 1 - Ensure you have a backup from your old device - stored into Google Drive

  1. If you haven't got Google Drive backup, log into the old device, and create a new Backup
  2. Google Backup needed. It will not work with local backup.

Step 2 - If Backup is ignored on your new device, you need to uninstall WhatsApp and install it again.

  1. Uninstallation - Ensure that you remove all App Data
  2. This will remove all chat history from your new device
  3. You could not merge chat history from the old device and chat history from the new device.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Customizing Classical Editor in Wordpress

Customizations in Classical Editor in Wordpress could be done by "Advanced TinyMCE Configuration" plugin

How it works?

Classical Editor in Wordpress is based on TinyMCE editor. Wordpress instructs it how to act, how to look as UI.

"Advanced TinyMCE Configuration" changes TinyMCE startup configuration.

To be able to configure Classical Editor you would need to know know to configure TinyMCE.

TinyMCE configuration

Here are some links from TinyMCE documentation:

Thursday, April 6, 2023

DreamsTime free – what is the catch? What is legal?

You could see that DreamsTime offer a week of free trial. 

Could you get some benefits from DreamsTime free?

Short answer it NO – in almost all cases you could take no benefits from the free period.

No? Why?

For your free period you receive images with watermarks only.

In fact they cannot be used for almost nothing, not (only) because of watermarks but because of legal restrictions:

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

DreamsTime "ERROR: The login must contain only alphanumeric characters."

Error message in DreamsTime

ERROR: The login must contain only alphanumeric characters.


If you experience this error while you want to create DreamsTime account, we have solution for you.

If you experience this error with Chrome browser, try different browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge.

That's all.

Its just a bug in software and we hope DreamsTime  will fix it soon.

Monday, March 27, 2023

AutoSSL missing from cPanel

 If you cannot find AutoSSL in cPanel apps, it is because it is not mentioned in main screen with all apps.

It is not missing, it is just hidden. So how could we start AutoSSL?