Thursday, June 27, 2013

Propagating java system properties to maven project code - issue solved

Issue description: I have got Hudson/Jenkins project. It is build via maven. Maven "Goals and options" is set to
test -DxxxApiConfigFile=config-xxxApi-client-jenkins

Starting console command "mvn test -DxxxApiConfigFile=config-xxxApi-client-jenkins" behaves correctly - the system property is set. But running

Solution: Maven field "Goals and options" has to be set to:
-DargLine="-DxxxApiConfigFile=config-xxxApi-client-jenkins" clean test

or even better:
-DxxxApiConfigFile=config-xxxApi-client-jenkins -DargLine="-DxxxApiConfigFile=config-xxxApi-client-jenkins" test


Monday, June 24, 2013

Redmine wiki - how-to

Here is a list of tags used in RedMine Wiki.

Source for most of this:

<notextile>**</notextile> - do not process the string inside

h1. Heading

h2. Subheading

h3. Subheading

---- Horizontal rule

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Examples of permutations in Ruby

Permutations in arrays:
["1","2","3"] { |a| a.join }
 => ["123", "132", "213", "231", "312", "321"] 

Permutations in stripped string:
"1 2 3".split(" ") { |a| a.join }
 => ["123", "132", "213", "231", "312", "321"]

Permutations in hashtables:

x = {"2"=>"twenty","3"=>"thirty","4"=>"forty"}
y = {"1"=>"one", "2"=>"two",  "3"=>"tree"}
z =

x.each_pair do |key1,value1|
  y.each_pair do |key2,value2|
    z[ (key1 + key2) ] = (value1+" "+value2)
end{|k,v| "#{k}=#{v}"}.join(';  ')

 => "33=thirty tree;  22=twenty two;  23=twenty tree;  41=forty one;  42=forty two;  31=thirty one;  43=forty tree;  32=thirty two;  21=twenty one" 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Качване на нови карти на китайски GPS със софтуер iGO / Windows Mobile

Oот главното меню превърташ иконите надясно и избираш USB Option
Трябва да е активирано Mass Storage. Ако не е го правиш и даваш опция Запиши която е горе вдясно.
Това са ти картите:
Четеш инструкциите и следваш каквото пише там.