Saturday, June 30, 2018

Windows hangs after waking up - tutorial to solve that issue

If your MS Windows gets hangs after waking after Sleep or after Hibernate, you have got a buggy driver.

In my case guilty driver was:
o2micro integrated mmc/sd controller
From date: 16.8.2016

It was installed by DriverPack Solution

How could you find out the buggy driver?

1.Go to Control Panel and disable all devices that are suspected. (Its driver will be disabled also) Please disable only drivers that you are sure that will not prevent your Windows from booting up.
2. Put your PC to Sleep and then wake it up.
2a. If it wakes up normally, you could be sure that the buggy driver is among the drivers you suspect.
2b. If it wakes up and hangs, it means that other driver is the guilty one. Disable more drivers and repeat step 2. 
3. Enable one of the suspected devices.
4. Put your PC to sleep and then wake it up.
5. It the computer hangs again, the last enabled device is the guilty one for the crashes. (There is a minor chance more than one drivers cause the hang).
5.1. Write down the version and date of the buggy driver. 
5.2 Delete the device from Control Panel and ensure you have checked "Delete drivers also" box.
5.3. Find another driver for the corresponding hardware part and install it. If it happens again, try find another...
6. It the computer does not hang, this means the last enabled driver is not responsible for the hangs. Go to step 3.