Thursday, July 28, 2016

Intel RAID: Create mirror RAID from existing disk

What you want

If you have Intel RAID, drive wish information and drive which have to become its mirror, this page is for you.

Drive 1: your information is here;
Drive 2: you want to use this for mirror.

Intel BIOS Options

Intel BIOS do not give you opportunity to use Drive 1 as source for the RAID. In the BIOS you could create RAID, but it will destroy all data on both drives. The options are:
1.Select Recovery Volume Option
2.Enable Only Recovery Disk – enables recovery disk if available and disables master
3. Enable Only Master Disk – enables master disk if available and disables recovery disk

The solution

You cannot do this in BIOS. You have to boot into Windows from Disk 1, install progam Intel xxx, which has the feature which you want. The syncing is 2 or 3 times slower than expected.

The result is that you will see in BIOS that both drives are in RAID.

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