Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jenkins + Multiple SCMs + git + hooks/triggers = mission Possible

Multiple SCMs plugin version 0.2 - in its documentation is remarked two controversial statements:
  • "Post-commit type triggers don't currently work".
  • "Allow polling to work with multiple instances" - in version 0.2
So is pooling possible? There are peaople on the internet stating the two opposite points. Yes, it is possible but some tricks are needed.
  • for every GIT repo, defined in Multiple SCM plugin config, an "Unique SCM name (optional)" is needed. 
  • check the version of your GIT plugin (Multiple SCM plugin uses GIT plugin). When my git plugin version was 1.1.x, the pooling did not work, and updating to git plugin 1.4 solved my issue.

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