Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Status on verification of signed file

Digital Signature Status Values
ValidThe signed data and the attached signature data have not been changed since the data was signed. The signature verification operation was successful.
InvalidThe signed data or the attached signature data has been tampered with.
ErrorThe data contained in the Signature element or the signature template itself is malformed, or some other error occurred during verification. In other words, the signature is cryptographically valid, but either it does not conform to the XML Signature standard, or it contains data in a format that InfoPath does not support.
RevokedThe digital certificate used to sign the data has been revoked.
Not TrustedThe digital certificate used to sign the data is not trusted, because no chain of trust can be identified.
ExpiredThe digital certificate used to sign the data is expired.


  1. Informative post. I am grateful to you for listing all these status values with their relative meaning that are associated with digital signatures. So many terms are very complex and difficult to interpret but with the help of this article one can easily understand the meaning.
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